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Homemade shotgun surprise

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:56 pm
by CEOCambodiaNews
Pailin: A 52 year old woman, farmer Meas Kim, was injured on her hand and stomach by an improvised gun made by her 49 year old husband, Kheung Prech, on January 15, Sangkat Boryaka in Pailin.

Before the incident, the victim's husband was tinkering with his gun while the victim was sitting opposite him. The contraption went off suddenly by mistake, injuring the woman on her hand and stomach. She was brought to the hospital immediately, the police have arrested the husband and will charge him for the illegal firearm.
Many people have been injured because of homemade guns in Salakroa destrict, and local people are complaining and asking the authorities to crackdown on the problem.