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KR ethnic "cleansing" of Chinese and Vietnamese in Kandal province.

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:59 am
by CEOCambodiaNews
A chilling first-hand report of "ethnic cleansing" that took place under the Khmer Rouge, from the tribunal:
Mr. Soeun said he received lists of Chinese and Vietnamese residents while head of the district office, but claimed he was not told how the lists would be used.

He said, however, that rhetoric referring to the “cleansing” of ethnic minority groups was pervasive among cadre, and spoke of study sessions during which plans for a pure Khmer society were outlined.

“I was there when the Yuon and the Chinese were cleansed—that’s the word they used. They did not want any other race except the Khmer,” Mr. Soeun said
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