Wifi LED Controllers

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Wifi LED Controllers

Post by thePeck » Wed May 08, 2019 6:59 am

I've started a little project. Involving Google devices. I'm planning a trip and bringing back some stuff.

A problem I think I'm having with is our LED lights. Or at least a problem in planning how I'm going to make them work.

I can find wifi LED controllers but they all only have inputs for 24Vdc. Only the non-wifi models accept 220Vac.

Then I thought about using the small circuit board module they are about 12Vdc max and max 5 watts, at 5 watts it's less than 450 lumens per LED but there's like 26 LEDs on cicular LED lights. The ZIGBEE controllers are 12-24Vdc so I assume they'd work. But I'm not sure if a single power module would handle them.

One thing is the multi light settings. I haven't pulled all the guts (LED circle and driver) out of the large lights but they have the on/off switching to switch between modes, like between bright white and soft white.

Pretty much I want to control the lights by Google, at least for my home office.
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