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Traveling in Times of Coronavirus

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 1:20 pm
by CEOCambodiaNews
This is intended to be a general thread on how the coronavirus affects international travel. Any information from recent travellers is very welcome. Please share any current information of your experiences on travel restrictions to and from countries blocked by the coronavirus: For example, if you have flown through or from restricted Asian countries such as China, Korea, Singapore or Thailand, to western countries recently.
Because less people are traveling, it is also a time where you can find cheap flights and cheap hotel offers, and this is the place to tell us about them; either from personal experience, or if you've seen cheap airline or hotel promotions in South East Asia.
For example, Thailand is scrambling to attract holiday goers right now:

Airlines scramble to slash ticket prices
25 Feb 2020 at 07:00
The unease caused by Covid-19 is expected to drag down Thai tourism for more than six months, triggering airlines to slash ticket prices to steer the market, while Nok Air and Nokscoot cut pilots and cabin crew to save cost.

Thai Airways International (THAI) is partnering with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to offer discounts such as free domestic tickets to international tourists. Low-cost carriers plan to focus on local tourists opting for domestic travel as there is a limited number of outbound choices free from the virus.

Thai AirAsia is providing 100-baht discounts for any domestic routes within a designated period, while Nok Air is offering one-way ticket prices for domestic routes starting from 680 baht this month. Vietjet Air has marked down all routes across Thailand by 50%.

As the outbreak spreads to more countries, Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) believes the impact will last longer than six months, and the losses will be larger than the TAT's projection of 250 billion baht, said Chairat Trirattanajarasporn, president of TCT.

"Operators are ready to comply with stimulus plans from the authorities to secure at least 36 million international tourists this year. But the government has to think and act faster than this, or most businesses will collapse because of the impact," said Mr Chairat.

The THAI-TAT collaboration -- Amazing Flight, Amazing Thailand -- will be launched in March at ITB Berlin 2020, one of the biggest trade shows in Europe, for travel during May to October, said Tanes Petsuwan, deputy governor of marketing communications at TAT. ... ket-prices

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Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:19 pm
by Duncan
I have doubts that airlines will slash ticket prices,,, only to end up with a half full plane of cheap fares. More likely they will cut back on flights cause people that want / need to travel, will adjust their travel plans to what is available. A shortage of flights means less seats available,,, end result ,,, prices go up not down.

Next thing is we will be told,, that because there are less people traveling and spending money, there is no demand for face masks and the price of them will go down.

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Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:14 pm
Discount cough medicine and hotel rooms please kind sirs

Re: Traveling in Times of Coronavirus

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:30 pm
by Kinetic
From french article :

During the first 23 days of February, reservations with French travel agencies for stays in China over the next few months "collapsed to -99%", according to data from Travel Companies, which represent the sector tourism in France.

"There is also a very noticeable drop in bookings for Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, up to 61% on average", while the restrictions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in terms of travel "only apply "to China," said Jean-Pierre Mas, president of the organization, during a press briefing. "This reflects a fear of traveling, of the unknown and of population groups. We tend to fold in on ourselves, on the family unit, and not to make travel decisions during this period," he added. before. ... ce-1363206

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Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:06 pm
by SternAAlbifrons
I just did an Air Asia search Aust - Phnom Penh, and the return trips.

Until June 30
Number of flights has been slashed.
eg No flights available 2-3 days a week from Sydney, previously 2 -3 flights every day.
No discounts on fares below the standard lowest price. (they have had a floor price for past few years. prev they would discount to nearly nothing on quiet flights).
Many fares seem a little bit higher if anything..

After July 1
Old schedule is still in place.
But if you booked, i reckon there is a good chance that particular flight could be cancelled. If the virus is still around they will be cutting flights again, for sure.
But not cutting the fares it seems.

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Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:46 pm
by Marty
So Mr Kook's assessment is spot on.

Spoken by Dr. Kook, BS, MS, PhD

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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 4:25 am
by pczz
Oh dear. Asia pissed of all the westerners over the last few years and put all the eggs in a chinese basket. I wonder how long before the leadres start shouting "get your hotels barnag ready" instead of "chinese ready". In the news a while ago was an article from madagascar where the governemt told hotles no more than 20% of rooms can be let to any individual nationality. this was to try and make the tourism industry diversify

Re: Traveling in Times of Coronavirus

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 7:38 am
by Cruisemonkey
"Amazing Flight, Amazing Thailand". Tanes Petsuwan is not lying.

I'm amazed at the hell you can put me through to get to your amazing shithole of a country.

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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 10:32 am
by j57
I need to go back to the USA in next 4-6 months.
My issue is I live in Siem Reap.
I have no desire to go through a Chinese airport and connect to west coast of USA.
Toss in the new infections in Korea and Japan and my options are zilch.
I am going to just wait and see what happens.
But, I wanted to purchase my ticket before the summer price rise that happens every year.
I hate to go through PP because that adds 2 -6 hour bus rides to my already 3 flight trip plus a hotel or 2.
I love living 10 minutes from the Siem Reap airport.
It is so great to land and hop in a tuk tuk after 3 flights and be home....instead of the old days of staying in PP and getting a bus or car back to Sihanoukville or Kampot the next day.
I am hoping the virus is contained and travel can return to normal.
I feel trapped in limbo.... waiting ...
But, I am lucky I have a beautiful apartment in Siem Reap and can hang out at the pool.
The recent news of the Korean flight attendant who tested positive for the virus after different trips around the world is very disconcerting.
Masks are worthless... disposable gloves would be more effective...
My fear is what about next year?
The swine flu epidemic that wiped out China's pork industry has become a forgotten issue.
Bird flu has returned.
What happens if the ALL CLEAR is given and it turns out to be a fucking monster mistake?

Re: Traveling in Times of Coronavirus

Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 6:15 pm
by alexvanlaar
The ITB 2020 (Tourism Trade Fair ) in Berlin will be canceled anyway due to Covid-19 and I like it!