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Phum Baitang, where a rice paddy field meets a luxury resort on stilts

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:42 pm
by Kung-fu Hillbilly

Lisa Gries
21 Aug 2019

Phum Baitang is distinctive and uncommon, trimming away much of the fuss and fluff of foie gras fountains or chandelier mountains of its glitzy counterparts. This is not to say it is not in every way a luxury resort, but rather that it banks on purity being the ultimate luxury in a resort. Checking in for the weekend, scroll ahead to see what we thought.

Inspired by Khmer decor, the little homes on stilts manage a fine balance between cultural authenticity and world-class comfort. The rustic-luxe interior design is unpretentious yet still feels extremely well executed. The light falls in all the right places. The extremely photogenic stone bath tub looks like it could fit an entire small family. And even the smaller details – from the cleverly selected books on the work desk to the sound system and mini bar drinks list (there’s tequila) – all prove why both Phum Baitang and Zannier Hotels belong in the top tier of resorts in the region.

In many ways, Phum Baitang feels like the kind of place that tilts its head at you when you’re stressed with the city’s ticking hot hustle, and says, “we’ll take it from here.” It’s a Sunday newspaper that was picked up off the coffee table, folded in half, and tucked under the arm of a loved one. Simple sophistication meets an experience that is wholly comforting, culturally charming, and soulfully enriching.

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Re: Phum Baitang, where a rice paddy field meets a luxury resort on stilts

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:13 am
by Typhoon28
Certainly one of my favourites in Siem Reap, first visited per opening in 2015, its looking much better with some years on it to get the grounds established.

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