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Blue Ocean Sushi - Sihanoukville

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:46 pm
by Schrodinger's Dog
Been there a few days ago, cause we're craving for some good Sushi - and found it at Blue Ocean at Golden Lion just next to The Dive Shop Cambodia on the opposite site of Ana Travel and the Top Cat Cinema.

The four of us ordered pretty much everything from the card - or at least we tried - and ended up with a total bill of around $100 (including rather expensive Angkor bottled beer for $2 a bottle cause the draft didn't work) for a really impressive amount of different stuff. Tasted absolutely great, the head chef is Japanese and although the other stuff is Cambodian they learn how to prepar it properly and with the right attitude towards hygiene. That's at least the impression I got from watching them preparing it. Also my friends who've been there for a couple of times already never had one problem afterwards.

Definitively worth to check this place out if you're out in Snooky and looking for a good Sushi!