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Thailand ranked world’s ‘least miserable’ country again

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:11 am
by phuketrichard
after living here for 1/2my life, i'd agree with this for the locals.

NEW YORK: The Land of Smiles was named the least miserable country out of 66 economies ranked by the Bloomberg Misery Index, which assumes that low inflation and low unemployment translates into satisfaction among the populace, finishing in first place for the fourth straight year and just edging out its regional rivals.

Thailand has had persistently low unemployment for many years, the unemployment rate ranging between 0.4-1.2% since 2011. A remarkable result. Many workers who do lose their job in the formal sector are able to be gainfully employed in the informal sector of the economy, and still support themselves and their families. Street vendors and motorcycle taxi drivers belong to this latter category.

The Misery Index, computed by adding inflation to the unemployment rate, gives the Land of Smiles a score of 1.11 per cent, which is the best - or least miserable - for all 74 economies surveyed by Bloomberg.

To no one’s surprise, Venezuela came in first, for the fourth year in a row. Venezuela is expected to keep that position this year. ... sery-index