War and Peace: the Paris Peace Agreement

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War and Peace: the Paris Peace Agreement

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:55 am


By: Sek Sophal
September 7, 2019

To commemorate the peace settlement that millions of the Cambodians had waited for since the 1970s, October 23 has remained a public holiday. Unfortunately, the Cambodians are about to forget October 23.

October 23 marks an important date in contemporary Cambodian politics. The collapse of the Soviet Union dried up its long-running military support for Vietnam’s military operations and without Soviet support, Vietnam had no choice but to completely and unconditionally withdraw from Cambodia

The value of peace is recognized only after it is lost. October 23 means different things to different people from different generations. To the young generations born in the post-Cold War era, October 23 might be nothing but one of the annual public holidays listed on the national calendar. However, to the older generations who experienced bloodshed and atrocities during the protracted civil war, the date represented the promise of peace and spirit of national reconciliation and unity

In early 1991, just months before the Paris Peace Agreement was signed, my village came under heavy artillery bombardment by the Khmer Rouge soldiers during a night-time offensive. Almost the entire village was burned down. Dozens of people were killed and seriously injured. We abandoned the village and did not come back for several months for fears of refreshed bombardments.

With her close family relations with late King Sihanouk (then Prince Sihanouk), the Galarbru family started playing a low-profile, but very critical role of going between Prince Sihanouk and HE to arrange their meeting. Yet, the channel of communication, as Galabru re-called during the exclusive interview with The Phnom Penh Post, was never easy.

As Johan Galtung, a Norwegian professor of peace and conflicts studies and a founder of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, argues, peace should be associated with freedom, equality, justice, pluralism, and dynamism. Those are things Cambodia has never fully achieved since the conclusion of the Paris Peace Agreement 28 years ago. Now, the Paris Peace Agreement will soon be a forgotten history for the younger generations in Cambodia.

full https://www.asiasentinel.com/politics/c ... agreement/
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