What are teachers doing for work?

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What are teachers doing for work?

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I was contacted by my (now ex) school and informed that they're getting rid of me(and another teacher) due to financial issues. They said they can no longer afford higher paid expat teachers due to the uncertainty of this whole mess.
I'm looking to keep some income flowing if possible. I read something on one thread about typing essays online for money, but there was zero detail included in what the person was talking about. Does anyone know what that might be? Any other ideas on ways to earn some income while we hope for schools to start back up? I'm already looking into teaching online, but would love some other ideas.
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Re: What are teachers doing for work?

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This site lists all the online teaching companies in one place:


Proofreading and editing is another option. Try contacting some small translation companies. Have a look at craigslist or other similar sites.

There's also camshows, but that's mostly for women, as far as I know.
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Re: What are teachers doing for work?

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Contracts with 'force majeure' clauses are still binding.
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Re: What are teachers doing for work?

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bobagubi wrote: Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:24 pm Contracts with 'force majeure' clauses are still binding.
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