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Tiger hunter turned forest protector.

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:24 am
by Kung-fu Hillbilly
Image: Chea Sophed

By Shaun Hurrell
2 Jul 2019

"In 1993, I finally reached my target and killed a tiger."

" Today Mai can often be found monitoring the state of the forest pools which are the lifeline for wildlife during the dry season, including the two Critically Endangered ibis species that live here. Later he halts near a tree with a Slender-billed Vulture nest: still one healthy chick today, he records in his pocket notebook."

" There, for two years, I learned how to use weapons and, after I returned home, became a hunter. At that time, the most popular hunting equipment consisted of a rifle, traps and snares, all of which we would build ourselves. "

""To this day I still remember the horrible sound it made when it died. The meat of the kill fed my family, some was shared with neighbours, and the remains such as the skin were exchanged in the village for basic necessities. I quickly became a middleman, killing and selling wildlife to neighbouring Laos."

"Today I am a full-time Senior Field researcher for BirdLife, and I can recognise hundreds of bird species just by hearing their call. I have a profound love for nature and I wish to help protect it. Wild animals are not so different from human beings so why should we kill them? "

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