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From selling dog to vegan. Article.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:43 am
by Kung-fu Hillbilly
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Cambodia’s fight to curb slaughter of dogs for food

By Marrisa Carruthers
Monday, 24
September, 2018,

"Cambodia has one of the highest rates of rabies in Southeast Asia, with data from the country’s Institut Pasteur revealing that there are about 800 deaths a year from the deadly disease – a figure that is believed to be the tip of the iceberg."

"In February, a man died and another was left in critical condition after eating dog meat at a village stall in the southern city of Kampot. In December 2015, six men died of food poisoning and almost 60 fell ill after eating barbecued dog meat in eastern Kratie province."

"Snatching dogs is a lucrative business, netting up to US$50 for a single animal. Tina Sen also recalls families in the village he grew up in regularly selling dogs that had “gone crazy” to traders or other families to eat. “This happens a lot,” the father-of-two says."

"In Buddhism, Cambodia’s state religion, dog is considered one of 10 forbidden meats, with bad luck said to fall on those who consume it. “Selling dog meat didn’t seem normal, but it was an easy way to earn money,” Chom Mong says."

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