Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas

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Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas

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Suspected pirate ship in waters off western Malaysia, 2006.

Almost half of the world's pirate attacks happen in Southeast Asia.

By Tai Wei Lim
March 15, 2018

Ever since oil was discovered in the Gulf area in the 20th century, the maritime route from the Gulf region to East Asia passing through the Strait of Malacca has been the most important passageway for East-West global trade.

Alternative routes exist, but they add a couple of days to the trip. The fact that the Strait of Malacca is such a convenient, thus popular, route also makes it a chokepoint for oil shipping.

They use small arms for speedy operations, which include kidnapping for ransom, stealing oil from ships, robbing crew members, stealing cargo, and even stealing entire ships and repainting them for sale. Although tankers are only one of the categories of ships targeted by pirates, the oil they transport accounts for very real strategic stakes.

The latest statistics indicate that rates of piracy and armed robberies at sea went up again in 2017.

Full ... east-asia/
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Re: Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas

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thatll please my navy seal buddy

private contractors’ fees have dropped since the pirates turned their attention to other sources of income
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Re: Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas

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There's fark all money to be made in anti-piracy maritime security contracting these days, the majority of contractors are hired from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Fiji, Eastern Europe and Africa...and they're paid peanuts.
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