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English cricketer found not guilty of affray

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:16 pm
by armchairlawyer
Ben Stokes was charged with two other men with affray outside a nightclub in Bristol. It was clear that some punches had been thrown and at least one man was hurt quite badly, However, they were all found not guilty by the jury. Interesting that the prosecution tried to suggest that Stokes had verbally abused a gay couple, whilst Stokes defended himself by saying he was protecting the gay men from being abused by the other defendants.
Now, after the verdicts, one of the defendants is upset that people may have believed that he had abused the gays.
Everyone seems to be more concerned about some verbal abuse of the gay couple than they are about the (non-homophobic) physical violence.
Sign of the times in the West.