Ryder Cup

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Ryder Cup

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Congratulations to the European team on their strong performance in the Ryder Cup just played in Scotland. Awesome stuff from the European players and captain, completely smashed Tom Watson's team. Not many ever achieve more in golf than Tom Watson but this will be a low point for him.
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Re: Ryder Cup

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The Europeans go from strength to strength and their behind the scenes organisation and professionalism puts the U.S. In the shade. Whilst it's all about performance on the day, the succession planning in terms of Captaincy, Vice Captaincy and back room staff of the European organisation is something I don't think the American USGA quite appreciate. Surprising really.

I thought the result was even more pleasing given the European captains picks proved weak in performance terms, Westwood mild exception, and Bjorn who was an early qualifier predictably played poorly. Justin Rose was again standout I thought, great guy as well.
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