Derek Jeter

Title says it all really...
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Derek Jeter

Post by The Add Jay » was a very underwhelming season for him. A catched a few Yankee games and he was awful. I didn't expect much from him but the whole team was terrible offensively .

I knew after the 2012 season the yanks had to move some dead weight around. Next to be dumped Tex arod c.c. After that's cut then they will be ready.

Yankees don't rebuild, they reload.

Thanks Derek. It will be hard filling your shoes. I remember you since 2nd grade. Class act who gave many women herpes and turned tiger woods into a whore mongering nut job

You're a nobody in the gutter with a Smartphone in your a hand.

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Re: Derek Jeter

Post by wackyjacky »

I'm a Red Sox fan and he was so clutch in his prime that I would've given him my vote for Cooperstown 15 years ago. Banging all those supermodels helps too.
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