Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

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Do you support Russia or Ukraine in this conflict?

Poll ended at Wed Mar 02, 2022 10:32 pm

It's a hoax
I don't know.
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John Bingham
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Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by John Bingham »

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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by Alex »

This was an easy one even before The Donald's praise of the Russian war monger in chief.
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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by xX.TROPA.Xx »

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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by simon43 »

I support Russia, but not out of any liking of Putin. It's down to the fact that the West has been goading Russia for a couple of decades, eg by stationing NATO troops right on his border (Baltic States).

Imagine if Mexico invited Russia to station troops on the Texas border - see how long that would last...

Ukraine is unfortunately piggy in the middle. It is geographically in the wrong place. Putin has asked Ukraine to remain neutral without any NATO troops and NATO/Ukraine say they have every right to place their troops in Ukraine if invited by the Ukrainian government. Yes, of course they have the right. But don't be surprised if Russia reacts.

As for Crimea, this too is a geo issue. Russia needs unfettered and secure access through the Black Sea for its navy. Even a schoolboy could foretell problems if they don't have such access. Ukrainian Crimea is simply too risky to allow.

AFAIK, those are the only 2 demands that Putin has made (neutral Ukraine and Russian control of Crimea). Look at a globe and those demands are 100% understandable.
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Chuck Borris
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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by Chuck Borris »

It is easy. Dont put missiles on the border of USA or Russia.
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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by sigmoid »

:ROFL: C'mon man! You must be kidding! It's HUMANS versus HUMANS :ROFL:

What's the difference? Just more entertainment for the aliens...
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Big Daikon
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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by Big Daikon »

I support the US NOT getting involved over there.
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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by phuketrichard »

How can anyone support an aggressor willing to take the world to the brink of a war
for what??
financial gains>>>>>
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General Mackevili
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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by General Mackevili »

Technically Ukraine, but I give as many fucks about their disputes as I do when random Middle Eastern countries have conflicts/wars.


I'm just pissed that the US economy has been doing so well, and now this. Biden has been very successful at helping our economy get back on track, but now this Russia/Ukraine conflict has caused all sorts of supply chain issues, inflation and increased gas prices.

The most confusing part is why now? Putin had his best friend in the Whitehouse for 4 years, and now he's going to try this with Biden in office? He's very dumb. Even Stephen King understands how stupid he is.


Either way, Biden has a long history of dealing with these corrupt countries, including Ukraine, so I'm confident he has a good game plan and we can all relax.

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Re: Do you support Ukraine or Russia?

Post by nemo »

I am sure the outcome will figure largely into CCP plans for Taiwan.
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