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Last Minute War with IRAN ?

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:07 am
by emm
Trump's day's are numbered but he seems to do as much damage as he possibly can. It looks like his finger is hovering above the red button to go to a full out war with IRAN in a joint venture with Israel which just launched the dealiest airstrike against Syria on Wednesday. Joe Biden will have his hands full if he survives the Inauguration Day.
US military and intelligence agencies have frequently, as in Vietnam and Iraq, provided presidents with false information that offered pretexts to attack our perceived adversaries. Or they’ve suggested covert actions that could provoke the adversaries to some response that justifies a US “retaliation”.

Should this really happen the world will not only have be concerned about the Corona Virus but a possible WWIII , too. ... l-ellsberg

Re: Last Minute War with IRAN ?

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:47 am
by Alex
He's probably busy with hammering out his last-minute pardons, but hey, you never know with the traitor president.

Re: Last Minute War with IRAN ?

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 12:53 pm
by emm
Iran and it's nuclear Program
If you are old enough you remember when Israel's PM Nethanyahu showed a picture of a Bomb with a fuse and a red line suggesting the Iranian's had the Bomb nearly ready at the UN. This was several years ago. Israel itself has Nuclear Weapons but was never sanctioned by any nation or the UN for that matter. So now France steps in and says this:
French Foreign Minister Le Drian said that even if both sides were to return to the deal, it would not be enough.
“Tough discussions will be needed over ballistic proliferation and Iran’s destabilisation of its neighbours in the region,”

So why not adding Israel into the same discussion ? After all they are at War with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and of course with the Palestinians.

Re: Last Minute War with IRAN ?

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 1:20 pm
by Marty
Might as well. Loads of old ordnance to get rid of.

Re: Last Minute War with IRAN ?

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:37 am
by emm
Israel ratches up for war with Iran

With Trump gone the support of the US under Biden becomes questionable - OR NOT ?
Wed, January 27, 2021, 1:45 AM

TEL AVIV (AP) — Israel's military chief Tuesday warned the Biden administration against rejoining the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, even if it toughens its terms, adding he's ordered his forces to step up preparations for possible offensive action against Iran during the coming year.

The comments by Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi came as Israel and Iran both seek to put pressure on President Joe Biden ahead of his expected announcement on his approach for dealing with the Iranian nuclear program. In Iran, leaders said they would not wait indefinitely for Biden to act.

The 2015 deal put curbs on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the easing of crippling economic sanctions. Israel strongly opposed the deal, saying it did not include sufficient safeguards to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. It welcomed the Trump administration's withdrawal from the agreement in 2018.

Biden has said he will seek to revive the deal, with some changes.

In his address to the Institute for National Security Studies, Kohavi said a return to the deal, even with some improvements, "is bad operationally and it is bad strategically.” He said allowing Iran to proceed with a nuclear program would be “an unacceptable threat and will lead to nuclear proliferation across the region.” Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Kohavi said that given the threat posed by Iran, Israel's military would be prepared to attack on its own if needed.

“I instructed the army to prepare a number of operational plans in addition to the existing ones,” he said. “We are taking care of these plans and will develop them during the coming year. Those who decide on carrying them out, of course, are the political leaders. But these plans have to be on the table."

Just hours before Kohavi spoke against a deal, Iran prodded Biden to rejoin the atomic accord. “The window of opportunity will not be open for long,” said Iran’s Cabinet spokesman Ali Rabiei.

Israeli officials, including Kohavi, say that Iran is in a much weaker position than in 2015 after years of sanctions by the Trump administration. They say that any new deal should eliminate “sunset” provisions that phase out certain limits on Iran's nuclear activities, address Iran's long-range missile program and its military involvement and support for Israel's enemies across the region.

Tensions around Iran have steadily increased. During Trump’s final days as president, Tehran seized a South Korean oil tanker and begun enriching uranium closer to weapons-grade levels, while the U.S. has sent B-52 bombers, the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine into the region.

Iran has also increased its military drills, including firing cruise missiles as part of a naval drill in the Gulf of Oman this month.

Iran has missile capability of up to 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles), far enough to reach Israel and U.S. military bases in the region. ... 12357.html

Israel is at War with it's other neighbors : Syria, Lebanon, West Bank Paelstine etc. The only difference is that they have no means to defend themself. That may be very different when it comes to war with Iran. With some Arab States already in Israel's pocket due to the Trump negotiated deals in the region Israel may well use the opportunity to attack Iran.