BBQ, anyone?

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BBQ, anyone?

Post by that genius » Mon May 14, 2018 7:05 am ... t-bbq.html
Woman who injected husband with lethal dose of heroin may have killed 9 others, served lover's remains at BBQ

By Kathleen Joyce | Fox News

Kelly M. Cochran who admitted to injecting her husband with a lethal dose of heroin may have killed nine other people and served her lover’s remains at a barbecue. (Lake County Sheriff’s Office)
An Indiana woman who injected her husband with a lethal dose of heroin before smothering him with a pillow may be responsible for nine other deaths -- and is suspected of serving her lover's remains to unsuspecting neighbors at a barbecue.

Kelly M. Cochran, 34, was sentenced to 65 years in prison last month after admitting to killing her husband, Jason Cochran; but she was already serving a life sentence for killing and dismembering another lover, Chris Regan, who vanished in 2014, Indy Star reported.

An upcoming documentary called “Dead North,” set to air on May 28 and May 29 on Investigation Discovery, probes other possible murders that may be linked to Cochran. Cochran’s family told investigators she may have killed as many as nine people and buried their bodies throughout the Midwest.

Her friends and family also told investigators the stomach-churning tale of how Cochran allegedly served Regan’s remains to her neighbors at a barbecue.

Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo, who investigated Regan’s disappearance, said she met Cochran and her husband during the probe, court documents stated. The investigator learned Cochran was having an affair with Regan but the case went cold until Jason Cochran died in February 2016 of a suspected overdose. Later on, investigators found he was murdered by his wife.
Cochran admitted she and her husband lured Regan inside their home, shot him and dismembered him, before dumping his remains in the woods. Cochran said she and her husband made a “pact” to “kill off anyone involved in their extramarital affairs

But Cochran said she was angry at her husband and killed him as revenge for murdering Regan, court documents stated. She was sentenced to life in prison in May 2017 for Regan’s murder and sentenced on April 18 for her husband’s slaying.

Investigation Discovery said in a statement that Cochran’s brother told investigators he feared his sister was a serial killer and neighbors said they believed they were served human remains at the barbecue.

"The toll of this case on Frizzo's career (is) significant. Despite disagreements with the Iron River City Manager regarding her 'bullheaded' investigation style, Frizzo remains adamant that the case isn't closed," the news release stated. "The City Manager relieves Frizzo of her duties just as Kelly admits to having other 'friends' buried in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Minnesota; however, the identities and specific locations of these bodies remain a mystery to this day."
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Heng Heng Heng
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Re: BBQ, anyone?

Post by Heng Heng Heng » Mon May 14, 2018 8:02 am

Resembles Ozzy Osbourne.
This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us Earthmen.
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Re: BBQ, anyone?

Post by cptrelentless » Mon May 14, 2018 10:47 am

Is that a Fox News link? I feel a song coming on...
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Re: BBQ, anyone?

Post by pissontheroof » Mon May 14, 2018 11:31 am

Heng Heng Heng wrote:
Mon May 14, 2018 8:02 am
Resembles Ozzy Osbourne.
I call b.s. . Maybe in Black Sabbath days when I notever was a fan ( had zappa to keep me busy ) Ozzy evolved into a very nice guy ( way too nice for me by the way ) , he gets along well with his son and just keeps getting better and better . i Brought a lot of his t.v. Shows with me here on hard drive but can’t see or understand them now need translation from cockney and all the bleeps , he cant help it if he says fuck every other werd , it’s cool 😎 I have best wishes for them. ..
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