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Good ol'USA

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A recently filed lawsuit alleges that a Texas sheriff's office ran a "rape camp" at a county jail, where numerous male guards repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates over an extended period of time.

Two women who were inmates at the jail, which is attached to the county's quaint courthouse building, are now suing Live Oak County and guards Vincent Aguilar, Jaime Smith and Israel Charles Jr. ... 59920.html" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Good ol'USA

Post by Sailorman »

I wish them lots of luck. If the state bar association has links to the Sheriff's office, (they usually do), they will set up a State or Federal judge to set on the case and he will dismiss it before it goes to trial. (Happened to me when I had 10 Kitsap County (Washington State) Sheriff's cold on multi charges with evidence. They brought in a stone-out retired judge that died two weeks later) This happens every day in America and the American people are getting raped by a corrupt judicial system and their thug cop minions.
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Re: Good ol'USA

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That ain't gonna happen. Do you really think women's groups are going to let this get buried ? This shit's gone worldwide. These guys are going to see the other side of "Rape Camp".
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