watch the 2020 superbowl show

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watch the 2020 superbowl show

Post by phuketrichard »

Two girls getting down!!

and jeeps ad!!!

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Re: watch the 2020 superbowl show

Post by Jamie_Lambo »

watched it until half time but then gave up, got sick of the amount of adverts being played every time there was a slight break in play
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Re: watch the 2020 superbowl show

Post by j57 »

i waited 50 years for the Superbowl win.
I grew up in KC..
We played at the old baseball stadium in the 60s and early 70s.
We were in the 1st Superbowl when there were 2 separate leagues..we were the new league AFL.
I was a little boy going to games..even sat in a kid's section of Municipal Stadium called the huddle club.
My stepdad had 2 seats in the portable bleachers they set up for football season called The Wolf Pack.
We lost Superbowl 1 to the great Green Bay Packers team led my Vince Lombardi...the Trophy is called The Lombardi trophy. ex
50 years ago in January we won Superbowl 4 against the Minnesota Vikings...
The next year we lost in our final game at the old stadium in the NFL'S longest game in history against the Miami Dolphins..who went on to lose in Superbowl 5.
My pop came home with a map of the new stadium.
he told me to pick 2 seats anywhere it was not blacked out. This was ARROWHEAD STADIUM.
I picked seats 25&26 in the 11th row on the 34 yard line...
I sat in my seat for over 40 years..
My pop and later my son sat with me through 40+ years of heartbreak and shit teams.
I lost my boy in 2013...
I gave up my seats..
I stopped watching football until the last month.
I moved to Cambodia to start over in 2017.
Yesterday, I watched my Chiefs bring back the Championship at age 62...from Siem Reap..
I was 12 when I watched us win Superbowl 4..
My pop had gone to the game in Louisiana at Tulane University Stadium...
My son went with me for 17 years and never saw them get there....or win.
The bittersweetness of the day was beyond joy and beyond heartbreak...
My hometown and millions of fans in the Middle of the USA where President Trump is revered are celebrating and we are going to keep Winning Winning Winning in 2020..
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