SouthPark strikes back at Chinese censorshipin Episode 2

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SouthPark strikes back at Chinese censorshipin Episode 2

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National Basketball Association athletes are uniformly large and strong, but league managers on Tuesday seemed to need a lesson from the satirists who created South Park before they straightened their backs enough to approximate standing up to China and Chinese public opinion.

The creators of South Park issued a mock apology to China after censors scrubbed their popular show from the Chinese web.
The tongue-in-cheek statement, skewering Beijing’s demands that western brands conform to its worldview, came with officials apparently annoyed about an episode that crossed several of the Communist Party’s red lines.

The episode – called “Band in China” – depicted forced labor at a Chinese prison, and parodied companies that cave in to censorship for commercial gain.

“I can’t sell my soul like this,” says one character, who was under pressure from Chinese censors to rewrite his music.

“It’s not worth living in a world where China controls my country’s art,” he added. ... -to-china/

I love how even after 23 years South Park stays right on top..
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Re: SouthPark strikes back at Chinese censorshipin Episode 2

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Great Episode featuring Reeducation Camps, Organ Harvesting and Winnie the Pooh (Xi Xinping)

Close to the bone - hope for the Striesand Effect
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