British English Teacher Paul Seston Found Dead in Phnom Penh After Walking Across Town

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Re: British English Teacher Paul Seston Found Dead in Phnom Penh After Walking Across Town

Post by General Mackevili » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:04 am

Monks wrote:I wish to clarify all this slanderous talk about kidnapping as I am the boy friend talked about and my my wife is the mother of the child the allegations are made towards.

Firstly I would like to let everyone know that Paul was a good step father.
To set things straight paul knew exactly where his step daughter and her mother was but chose to live in the capital away from them.

I wish to state that the comments made here have greatly hurt the people concerned including the little girl who does not understand why people would say such things.

To clarify people's concerns about her she is very well looked after as she is a only child and my wife and I love her with all our heart and have been providing a good and healthy life style for her.

As for the English realatives they knew my wife and did not even tell her about Pauls death as she found out months later from a friend let alone try and help or support Pauls step daughter.

I also wish to say how much I am disappointed in this forum allowing people to place slanderous comments and not have them removed once requested.
Sorry for everyone's loss.

But the freedom others have used on here to express their thoughts, you have been allowed the same freedom to express your thoughts about how shitty you think the "English relatives" are.

Thanks for your take on things.
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Re: British English Teacher Paul Seston Found Dead in Phnom Penh After Walking Across Town

Post by Monks » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:14 pm

Once again a comment from people that know nothing he was not the biological father as he came into their lives when she was 2-3 years old and therefore he was the step father.

So Mr Digger stop being so arrogant and pretending you know what had occurred.
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Re: British English Teacher Paul Seston Found Dead in Phnom Penh After Walking Across Town

Post by jd1965 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:13 pm

StungTrengBooBarang wrote:
Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:26 pm
Hello all im a new member.
I was one of many who saw Paul for the last time as he left 'Nicks Bar' on st51, where he was a regular.
he had been in a wheelchair then, and he had no strength in his legs to get inside a tuktuk when he went home. It took maybe 3-4 males to slowly get him in.

Then im told the next day he died that night.

From what a local said in their english was something like " he have baby daughter, but his khmer wife had already cheated on him with a khmer man. She is hiding from Paul, and hiding the baby daughter also. This is why he die, as he worry if his baby girl is safe."

And i said later did they know his wife is the mother of the baby, and they answer that others had also been thinking that she not real(biological) mama of that baby, so she hide the baby from Paul to just hurt him.

Thats about all i know, and Nick has since sold the bar to his mate, and not around to ask if he as Pauls mate knows the whole story.

So how he managed to walk around in the night, without that i read any mention of the wheelchair, is very confusing to me.

This is actually spot on. I was one of the last people to have seen Paul alive that night. Paul was in a wheelchair that night. Me and a mate wheeled him to Nana to get him a room for the night but the pricks would not accept him. I got a call from Nick at about 3.30 in the morning telling me that Paul had collapsed and died at his guesthouse near Olympic Stadium.
Nick, Mai Mai and I rushed over there to identify the body, it was actually fucking awful to see the whole thing on cctv. Paul was a gentle giant who didn't take any shit from anyone but got along with everyone also.
That bitch of a wife literally broke his heart by moving his kid to Siem Reap province. He talked about how heartbroken he was all the time.
Whoever is posting on here claiming that he wasn't the biological father is talking out of their arse.
Paul spent a year teaching in Dubai and wasn't able to bring his family with him. The bitch started an affair with a bloke from Oz, and that's were things went tits up.
Nasty nasty piece of work
RIP Paul, still think and talk about you from time to time.

Hope the little girl (her name escapes me now) is doing ok.
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