American James Robert Keith Found Dead From Apparent Drug Overdose in Sun & Moon Urban Hotel, Phnom Penh

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Re: American James Robert Keith Found Dead From Apparent Drug Overdose in Sun & Moon Urban Hotel, Phnom Penh

Post by csosdny » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:26 am

phuketrichard wrote:
juansweetpotato wrote:
phuketrichard wrote:druggies and sex dont mix
no junkie ( or coke head ) would ever buy an take a girl..... share ... no fucking way.....
it just doens't work that way
Yes, I heard when your a full-on junkie you don't want to have sex anymore. Is this true?

Do they drug tourists in Thailand ? By drug I mean slip a Mickey Fin in their drink etc not f'ing sell them shit. ffs (not aimed at you )
As far as i know, YES, Even on Methadone , sex is not a part of the picture
a recreational coke user sex is great, but someone shooting or snorting more than a gram a day sex is not in the picture

Now sex on acid is fucking amazing :beer3:

not that i am aware, there used to be rumors of this but it is seldom ever true, same with girls putting shit on their nipples to put the punter to sleep.
Maybe being on Acid you just "think" its amazing!
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Re: James Robert Keith Found Dead At Sun and Moon Hotel

Post by KampotBound » Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:40 am

phuketrichard wrote:fuck
passport issued april 4th 2016
dead 3 days later

Heart attack BULLSHIT bad drugs strike again; ... p%3D237719
Looks like he was an addict with some cash, but running low fast. Got expedited passpot, got on plane, booked room, found a connection (so easy) and... As many of the addicts I've known... overshot the mark (no pun intended).

If only he'd tried a match head sized line. Poor guy maybe even injected it. With the dope in Cambodia you shouldn't need to shoot it.

That was almost me once. Long time ago. Hotel in PP. About 1/5th amount I'd use in US. God damn fortunate to be alive. Thankfully i kicked that shit long time ago. I'd never come to KoW with any sort of craving for dope, meth, etc... It's a death trap. So to anyone thinking... "Damn, I can live nice, have a good lady every night, and sustain my dope habit in Cambodia for a month on what i spend in a day here, I'm outta here.. " DON'T DO IT. YOU MAKE US ALL LOOK BAD, and you'll die. Stay in Newark and do your fentanyl cut "dope", I'm tried of these people dying over there. It really makes it difficult for people like me who's family reads this and worries.
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