Real music

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Re: Real music

Post by phuketrichard » Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:33 am

I grew up in the dc area, best bands, concerts in the 60's

for guitar playing we had Roy Buchanan.

see him and Neils Lofgrin at 7:50 letting it all out;


also his song at 18:50, "The messiah will come" never will u hear a guitar cry so soulful

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Re: Real music

Post by Mr Curious » Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:31 pm

you ALSO had DANNY GATTON at the SAME TIME !!! my god. Telemasters.

what happened? I blame woodstock. The suits KNEW the billions in kids an music. We later got arena rock, glam and processed crap and it's opposite, punk. At the same time fewer and FEWER people cared to put in the time to learn, must less master any instrument. New styles emphasized style over substance. The need for MORE music and more types exploded exponentially with a tiny group to even begin to fuel a tenth of the need. (by the way, look for a Doc called The Wrecking Crew. You'll find that an amazing amount of your 60s fav's were in fact played by this small group of studio musicians).

I didn't even own a radio in the 80s. Styx? please. Only thing I heard in the 80s I liked was some Dire Straits and maybe some Dregs.

In short, like EVERYTHING, standards were lowered to facilitate production of rafts of sell-able product to a legion of dumbed down consumers.

oh, and MTV....really? MUSIC you WATCH? wtf.

an aside...Esperanza Spalding.

so much for posting vids for idiots method.

OH...and Victor Wooten plays with himself...
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