"My Anti-Malaria Drugs Made Me Psychotic"

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"My Anti-Malaria Drugs Made Me Psychotic"

Post by General Mackevili »

Who's tried this groovy drug, "Lariam/Mefloquine"?


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I started taking the anti-malarial drug Lariam before going to Ghana in October 2013. I was 20 years old, living near Rotterdam and studying healthcare technology – the trip was part of my degree. The nurse asked me if I or anyone in my family had ever had psychological problems, which I hadn’t. She warned me that some people experience side-effects, including hallucinations. I pocketed my prescription and set a reminder on my phone to take one pill a week.

Looking back, I can see the effects started before I left for Ghana, but at the time I blamed it on the stress of the trip ahead. My mind became chaotic...


http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle ... -psychotic" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Post by Jamie_Lambo »

will see if these are available in the pharmacy :P
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Re: Re:

Post by Duncan »

Jamie_Lambo wrote:will see if these are available in the pharmacy :P

No need too, I think they are already added to the water supply in most cities.
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Post by Anchor Moy »

Jamie_Lambo wrote:will see if these are available in the pharmacy :P
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Re: "My Anti-Malaria Drugs Made Me Psychotic"

Post by epidemiks »

In India a decade ago we reunited with some Chilean folk who we'd kept running into in McLeod ganj, and they'd picked up a fellow Spanish speaker in Delhi prior to hitting the hills. This girl had only just arrived 7 days prior and had started on the lariam on arrival. Her planned trip was the usual 6 month Indian odyssey favoured by this that enjoy happy pants bracelets and ganja. By day 7 she'd had a complete psychological break and pretty much looked like she was deep down a terrible lsd trip that just wouldn't end. One of the Chileans happened to be a psychologist, so she managed to keep her in fairly good shape until they could get her down to the local airstrip and on a plane back to Delhi and then Spain, but later told us she'd been hallucinating some horror shit.
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