Hashi Japanese Restaurant (Siem Reap)

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Hashi Japanese Restaurant (Siem Reap)

Post by hanno » Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:48 pm

Name: The Hashi Restaurant
Address: 66 Sivutha Blvd., opposite Lucky Mall
Telephone: +855 63 969 007
Opening hours: 11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00
Cuisine: Japanese
URL: http://www.thehashi.com/
Reservation URL: http://www.thehashi.com/contact
Menu URL: http://www.thehashi.com/menus/
Rating: 5

I hope I am not boring you all with reviews of Siem Reap restaurants but I figure at least some of you must make it to Temple Town once in a while....

I am a big fan of Japanese food and The Hashi punches all my buttons: cool design, outstanding service, and great food. You cannot go wrong.

I have to admit that after 20 years in Asia I can still not sit cross-legged but luckily Hashi has options for both flexible people and old crusty farts like me.

Service in this place is outstanding, with a special mention of the restaurant manager, Things start off with a little complimentary salad whilst you browse the menu.

The menu covers it all though I usually just stick to the Sashimi. It is fresh enough that the Salmon still screams as you put some Wasabi on it (no, you do not put the Wasabi in the Soy sauce) and the Octopus tries sucking down your chop sticks.

They do have a large selection of beef as well. I tried it only once and it was outstanding if not cheap. But then Wagu never is.

If you are in Siem Reap and get a craving for Japanese food, this is the place to go.
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Re: Hashi Japanese Restaurant (Siem Reap)

Post by 6EQUJ5 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:51 pm

hanno wrote:If you are in Siem Reap and get a craving for Japanese food, this is the place to go.
Couldn't agree more. Absolutely fantastic Japanese restaurant. :thumb:
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