Your key moment from 2020?

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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by timmydownawell »

Key moment? Still waiting for it...
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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by Yobbo »

The great Toilet paper famine!
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Cowshed Cowboy
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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by Cowshed Cowboy »

On a personal level my low point was the unexpected death of a close friend during the most locked down we were here in Thailand,. I've never been around a death or had to handle the aftermath, and it was one of the more stressful and draining experiences I've had, with the family unable to travel here and ensuring he was given a respectful send off.

As an observer, my high point was Scotland qualifying for the Euro football championship finals. Following the national team was a major part of my life before I became a working expat and gave me some of the best travelling experiences I ever had, so to see them back after years of decline is great. More importantly it gave the whole nation a major lift and something to look forward to, sport as always can still lift the gloom.
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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by atst »

Yobbo wrote: Mon Dec 28, 2020 4:37 pm The great Toilet paper famine!
Hahaha that reminds me of when I'd finally arrived back in Cambodia, the morning crap and get to use the bum gun after 5 months
Now that was a 2020 moment to remember
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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by clutchcargo »

Jerry Atrick
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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by Jerry Atrick »

No key moment yet.

It's been quite a good year for myself and my family, despite being without income all year and having to sell a shitload of unnecessary assets to pay rent and live.

Spent more time with my girlfriend and our kids than I have since the first kid was born, and have been watching them grow up by the week.

I'm re-evaluating what I want to do going forward as life is too short to waste working for third parties and we never know what curveball will come our way next
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Re: Your key moment from 2020?

Post by nerdlinger »


Just for the sheer number of layers to unpack in that moment.
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