2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

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2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by mehfisto »

1969 was a great year:
May 29- Tommy released
July 20- Men walk on moon
August 15-17 - Woodstock
Sept. 26- Abbey Road
Oct. 10- In The Court Of The Crimson King
Oct. 16- Mets win World Series
Oct. 22- Led Zeppelin I
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by lagrange »

Without resorting to Google, I remember three things about my birth year, 1953.
Stalin died
Queen Liz was crowned
Ed Hilary and a local Nepalese guy conquered Everest.
And I do not believe any of these events were related.
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Great Britain

Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by nerdlinger »

I was born weeks after Thatcher got in. I got all the way to secondary school having never known any other PM.
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by Ghostwriter »

Well beetween the Munich game's killing, bloody fridays and sundays, the Watergate, and the 16 guys who survived a plane crash thanks to cannibalism, it was a slightly grim year, except for my birth of course. Fortunately the US fucked off Vietnam for good.

On the music side, Superfly, Transformers, Ziggy Stardust and Exile on Main Street, could have been worse.

From the videogames 's corner, eerrrr...the big novelty was Pong on Atari.

Thank god i didn't have to yet wear those though.
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by Freightdog »

Tenzing Norgay! Sir Edmund gets remembered so well, but the bloke with him? Imagine if that happened to that bloke wot hangs around with Batman. :stir:

For me-
Heart transplant, an oil spill, six day war among some notable events.

B737 first flight was just weeks before me- an aircraft that I’ve had a twenty year on-off-on relationship ever since, albeit slightly later models.
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by newkidontheblock »

Munich was such a tragedy. The aftermath was even worse. The Israelis offered assistance to the West German police to take out all the terrorists and save the hostages, and were turned down. The terrorist successfully detonated grenades, killing all the hostages.

After the world refused to condemn the terrorists, Golda Meir ordered the Mossad to hunt down those responsible. And they did, no matter where in the world. No matter what country was pissed off at them.

Amazing lady.
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by xX.TROPA.Xx »

Khmu Nation
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by Khmu Nation »

In the British general election, the recently formed Labour Party gains two seats.
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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by Username Taken »

There's a former member of this forum called Cam Nivag who is now updating his spreadsheet with your DoBs.

Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?

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Re: 2020 is evil, how was your birth year?

Post by Cowshed Cowboy »

1966 for me, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek, ooh yeah. :OD:

England won the World Cup, a tragic event that rears it ugly head every 4 years and any excuse in-between. :D

The Moors murderers Brady and Hyndley were jailed.

The Aberfan mining disaster, 116 kids and 24 adults died in a Welsh villlage when a colliery heap perched above the local school collapsed and engulfed it.
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