ABA bank maintenance

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ABA bank maintenance

Post by mehfisto »

I have to have a ABA account because my company pays my sales commission via it.

July's salary was paid 1st August which fell on a Saturday. ABA decided to do maintenance on their electronic app, so no info was available until about 10:30 am.

I let it go because generally I'm happy with the app and I seldom need to go into a branch.

Yesterday, around 4:30 pm, Friday after payday, everybody shopping or drinking or dining, spending money, both the app and ATM shut down for around 90 minutes.

Surely end of month during the time when there would be the highest traffic on the app and ATMs is probably the worst possible time to schedule maintenance?

When I called, nobody answered. When I tried to submit feedback, I got 'token expired' messages.

Did anybody else have experiences like this? I don't like to carry hundreds of dollars on my person, but yesterday and the previous hiccup day were very inconvenient, had to cancel dinner with friends yesterday.

Any suggestions or insights? Thank you.
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Re: ABA bank maintenance

Post by epidemiks »

Happens every month. Take out cash earlier.
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Re: ABA bank maintenance

Post by khmerhamster »

Got a message from ABA app on Friday to say that a card transaction was declined because of a lack of funds.

Problem is i have a few thousand in the account and the card listed in the transaction advice doesn't belong to me.

So it looks like a very large transaction by another card was attempted to be applied to my account.

Contacted ABA to investigate and apparently they are doing so... 2 days later still no update. I've now transferred most money out of that account as a precaution.
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