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Re: Philippine sub-forum

Post by Doc67 »

CEOCambodiaNews wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 7:33 pm There were also previous propositions to start a Vietnam based sub-forum, and a special thread on Vietnam was started on General Chatter , but then it died out : post392946.html#p392946
Maybe start up a Philippine news and info ONLY thread in the Rest of the World forum ?
Or if it's about travel, then stick it in On the Road. What does everyone else think ?
The UK News, Updates and Discussion thread is now 100 pages old and approaching 100,000 views. Started in March.

Start a thread in ROTW and post stuff and see if it flies. I'll read it. I am interested in the Philippines but very bored of Manilla, hated Angeles City, went to Cebu twice and get very lucky with a barmaid for a week and loved Boracay (and want to return).

Ideas and links for new places to visit would be interesting, even thought we can't travel. We can still plan and dream.
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Re: Philippine sub-forum

Post by Jamie_Lambo »

id have a personal interest in a Philippines thread, so dont mind starting one up and keeping an eye on it
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Re: Philippine sub-forum

Post by phuketrichard »

no interest in Philippine sub forum, as i haven't been back there since the 80's and zero interest in returning, (probably would get caught up in Duterte's war on drugs )


I'd like to see a sub forum for SE asia, which would include; Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam and PI
....set it apart from the rest of the world
it would be good for many of us that do travel, ( once we can again) locally

would get more visitors than a PI only one
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Re: Philippine sub-forum

Post by Strawberryshake »

Bohol ( Pang Lao) is an up and coming destination in the Phillipines its near Cebu and had its own airport nowadays. Cebu City is always fun prior corona. Angeles its a rathole but some seem to like that.
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