This is America

Yeah, that place out 'there'. Anything not really Cambodia related should go here.
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Re: This is America

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We have decided to just go ahead and permaban Bernie Bro, because it's clear that his only intent on CEO is to discuss American politics and troll people. He's also clearly not even a 'Bernie Bro' (LoL, should have guessed it with that username) and since CEO is mainly about Cambodia, there doesn't seem to be any legit reason for him to be on here. And just to be clear, we have no issue with members discussing politics on here, but if someone just shows up and seems to ONLY want to get in political debates, then surely there's a better forum out there for them to do just that 24/7. And to be even more clear, I don't give any fucks whatsoever about people's political viewpoints, but nobody wants anyone coming on here with an obvious agenda to irritate people with their rhetoric, it seems best for everyone (including Bernie Bro) if he found a forum that was centered about what he's really here to discuss. I know there's a lot of different viewpoints on what's going on in the US right now, and we respect all kinds of opinions on it, but if someone's main intent is to come on here to make provocative political posts, then we're doing everyone a disservice by allowing them to continue.

As always, thanks to the regular members who have taken the time to report several posts with a note to us on the Mod Team explaining exactly why they think certain posts/members shouldn't be on here, as it really helps us decide when enough is enough. We can't agree on everything every time, but when you guys point out obvious issues, we do our best to make sure we don't allow anyone to take over this platforum (hey, a new word!) pushing any agenda.

So again, no issues with regular members (or new members, for that matter) expressing differing viewpoints on almost anything, but we don't need anyone here with an agenda to push, especially if it's also clear they are trying to rile people up. Just keep it civil. I really enjoy reading opinions about things I don't see or don't agree with, but keeping it civil is key. Until Elon Musk gets some of us to Mars, we all have to live on the same planet together, and part of getting along is being able to at least discuss issues we see from different angles without going out of the way to be a total dick to those we can't see eye-to-eye with.
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Re: This is America

Post by Imnotasiain »

Lmao. I was drunk when I made this post and completely forgot about it. Logged on today and after reading the half n half well articulated debate it reminded me of how little I respect being able to call USA my home. Definitely appreciate the hard reality/support from Oz and NZ that I got from the post. However I guess there is no escaping my place of birth unfortunately.
... especially since I'm just a middle class, straight white guy lol. Apparently that means that I'm privleged and love the many bs problems that my country decides to create.

My home country sucks.
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