Vacancy: English Language Training (ELT) Instructor - Kabul

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Vacancy: English Language Training (ELT) Instructor - Kabul

Post by PSD-Kiwi » Thu May 28, 2020 10:47 pm

Any out of work English Teachers looking for work...
English Language Training (ELT) Instructor – (ASSF)
PAE is seeking a English Language Training (ELT) Instructor – (ASSF) to support one of its government customers:

Duty Description:

The ELT Instructor in support of Afghan Special Security Forces (ASSF) will:

Plan, design, and deliver customized programs of English language instruction.
Prepare ASSF for the American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT), to include practice sessions.
Prepare ASSF for English Comprehension Level (ECL) practice and test sessions.
Prepare ASSF for General English learning and conversation improvement.
Prepare ASSF for test taking preparation and strategies and General Military/Occupational English (as needed).
Create lesson plans, presentations, visual aids and other training materials, as required.
Deliver classroom-based training to students of varying proficiencies.
Research and develop specialized language content (ESP) as required.
Prepare for and provide test taking preparation and strategies.
Design, create and administer various training assessments and evaluations.
Ensure accurate and timely completion of all required program reports and records.
Pursue continuous improvement of training services and products.
Set up, arrange, improvise, and maintain physical training spaces as required.
Observe and obey all established safety procedures and protocols.
Participate in meetings, training, professional development, exercises, and drills as directed.
Accept tasking and guidance from Program Manager and Training Manager to fulfill training requirements.
Interact with US and coalition force mentors.
Required Hours:
Work may include nights, holidays, and weekends on short notice. Standard will be to conduct training sixty hours (60) per week while OCONUS.

Minimum Job Requirements:

Provide required ELT Program of Instruction (POI) training in order to build (English) speaking capacity and capability within the ASSF.
Coordinate and synchronize ELT efforts with military mentors.
Provide all reporting and documentation requirements to the designated ELT lead.
Serve as a General and Functional English Instructor to provide multi-level general English training, applicable vocational vocabulary, and concepts tailored to the student body.
Research subject matter, source content, plan curriculum, proof products, oversee team curriculum development, and evaluate and improve curriculum.
Conduct placement testing, mentorship, and interpreter-translator facilitation.
Provide substitutions for other Instructors when needed.
Instruct General English training for students as applicable.
Be prepared to serve as the ELT team lead and submit required reports to program management.
Be prepared to serve as the Training Readiness Oversight (TRO) representative to collect required training records and documentation for program management.
Utilize curriculum and supplementary materials that facilitate the formal introduction and standards for a common professional approach to training delivery.
Provide curriculum and lesson plans that teach to the prescribed proficiency.
Utilize curricula with an effort to provide a hands-on/visual approach to learning to complement the POIs used during instruction.
Utilize curricula that include a practical exercise portion in order to assess and/or evaluate task understanding/performance.
Develop and utilize a training schedule system that clearly defines the training focus for each section of each prospective unit. Training schedules shall mirror the training cycles set forth by ASSF policy at unit locations. Training will focus on the feedback results developed in the training performance matrix and monthly training assessment.
Training Schedules will include: Training event / focus; Location training is to be conducted; Unit/Group receiving the training; Position(s) trained.
Must be capable of building and maintaining positive relations and rapport with teammates, the client (US, NATO, and Troop Contributing Nation military forces), and Afghan counterparts.
Must possess superb interpersonal skills with a proven ability to exercise respect and cultural sensitivity.
High degree of competency with Microsoft Office productivity suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
Excellent written and oral communications skills.
Understand the Theater ROE (Rules of Engagement).
Must comply with all theater command policies, regulations, and General Orders
Additional duties, responsibilities, and requirements as identified by program management.

Minimum Qualifications:

Shall have a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and English, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or equivalent disciplines.
In lieu of a Bachelor’s degree, shall have five (5) years of experience as an English Language Instructor and possess a teacher certification.
Must be in possession of and maintain an appropriate-level current/active security clearance with eligibility to receive/maintain a NATO clearance for the duration of the deployment.
Must be in possession of a current/active US tourist Passport with at least 6 months of remaining eligibility.
Able to receive and maintain a current/active Afghanistan visa.
Must have the demonstrated ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing.
Must be able to pass any medical, dental and other related deployment requirements from the CRC at Ft. Bliss, TX.
Must maintain CENTCOM Mod 13 and other deployment-related requirements for the Afghanistan theater of operations
Must be willing to work and live in austere and hostile environments in Afghanistan, and understanding of the possibility to be further assigned to any location in Afghanistan, as allowed by the contract
Must be willing and able to travel outside of protected areas via military convoys or MILAIR, and wear protective clothing and equipment, as required. Force protection will be provided by authorized sources.
Apply here ... W9WDY196BZ
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