Are (USA-) Americans thin skinned friends?

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Are (USA-) Americans thin skinned friends?

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

Just askin'.
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Re: Are (USA-) Americans thin skinned friends?

Post by hunter8 »

Who, what nationality isn’t?
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Re: Are (USA-) Americans thin skinned friends?

Post by WildA »

If you are a non American and are lucky enough to become friends with a Yank, then you are really lucky. We are the best.
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Re: Are (USA-) Americans thin skinned friends?

Post by GMJS-CEO »

SternAAlbifrons wrote: Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:32 am
GMJS-CEO wrote: Tue Mar 10, 2020 5:57 am @SternAAlbifrons That is nonsense, many students in western countries feel similarly. Not something specific to Americans.

It gets tiring to see the anti-American garbage all of the time.
Fair enough, just my point of view.
And many of us are sick of having had USA's "exceptionalist" "Gods given favour" agenda forced upon us for the past 50 or more years,
that's where alot of this comes from.

"You are our unquestioning friend - or you are our enemy" kinda crap.
Despite this, myself and many other countries still remain friends and allies - but don't expect that you will not get an honestly felt critique along with that friendship.

We go to war to support your agenda almost without exception - even tho we know you are lying about the reasons so often.

Got that - Buddy.
I'll move it here so as not to ruin the other thread. Just want to make sure you realize when you say you are supporting "your agenda" you sound just like myself and other Americans talking about our own USA government. Not only is it not my agenda, I am in opposition to it.

This thread seems a bit reactionary and thin-skinned, didn't mean to upset anyone. :beer3:
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