Stop human rights harassment against Cambodia

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Stop human rights harassment against Cambodia

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:06 pm


Leap Chanthavy
9th September 2019

It is time for Cambodia to end the perpetuation of allegation of human rights crisis by shutting down the UN Human Rights field office and the Special Rapporteur mechanism

Cambodia is being harassed by specific group of countries on account of human rights. Such grave interference in Cambodia’s domestic affairs shall be stopped. Here are the reasons why.

Some foreigners perceived that Kem Sokha’s case as politically motivated and therefore he can be released easily based on a political decision. For Cambodia’s government, Kem Sokha’s case is a matter of national security when the latter acknowledged that he was acting based on foreign instruction in the conduct of Cambodian domestic politics.

When Cambodia is being accused by 28 NGOs, which is not even 1% of the more than 5,000 NGOs, that Cambodia is in human rights crisis; when Cambodia is being accused of limited freedom of union while Cambodia has more than 6,000 trade unions or at least 3 unions per factory; when foreign media who freely broadcasts in Khmer and English to attack the government on a daily basis and complaining about freedom of expression in Cambodia; something is just not right.

Cambodia has its sovereign choice and freedom to just shut all these mechanism down like the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Brunei even if Cambodia’s democracy and human rights record is far better than those countries. Those countries never care about human rights office or special rapporteurs.

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