FOR SALE in Phnom Penh: 2x Honda Wave (2017) 110cc

Specific for motorized transportation devices. Daelims included... barely.
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Re: FOR SALE in Phnom Penh: 2x Honda Wave (2017) 110cc

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krisi_gum wrote: Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:16 pm Hi, sorry not sure why the price and some details got deleted.
We’re looking for $700 each but are open to negotiations.

-1x Honda Wave OL ( First registration:04/10/2017) - white
-1x Honda Wave RSX ( First registration: 04/03/2017) - black

Mileage is currently 34k for the white and 38k for the black one.

They are both disc brake.

The black model also just got a brand new back tyre fitted.
Just out of interest, how much did you sell these for?

I'd say your 700 USD per piece is too high, but you know the real price, right....
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Re: FOR SALE in Phnom Penh: 2x Honda Wave (2017) 110cc

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phuketrichard wrote: Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:56 am
whats the difference between vietnam and thailand ones?
Build quality I would assume (or racism), but my family and I have always had good luck with my Viet built bikes. One of my family has an 07 or 08' 125 which has rolled over it's odometer already and read around 40,000 (so, 140,000 km) until he got drunk and crashed it, destroying the gauge cluster.

There are also aesthetic differences like body colors and sticker designs. One of our Waves is a metallic pearl black with blue emblems and another is a candy apple like metallic red with purple and black accents, and I've not seen that on a Thai bike before.
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