Job as writer editor assistant to author

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Job as writer editor assistant to author

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Writing Editing Job Opportunity

Assistant to author

Established writer of spirituality books and publications living in Siem Reap, seeks assistant with writing, editing experience.
English first-language
Ghost writer, assistant writer with occasional opportunity for published credit as either member of the editorial team or author.
  • Must be able to work on-site most of the time, or when required. Work from Wayist Spiritual Energy Center, Siem Reap.
    We will work together on several small books and articles in process.
    Contribute blog posts and social networking, on the side.
    To write about spirituality, you have to be a student of it.
    Your contribution will depend on your level of interest, learning of the topic, and desire. There is place in this for someone who wants only to be a copy editor, or line editor, co-author even author of concepts learned.
    $500 to $800 per month depending on your skills and type of commitment
    Full Time
contact author: Jean du Plessis
To receive a reply, please provide a bio with samples of your writing.
[email protected]
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Manager: Wayist Center for Spirituality, Siem Reap
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