Farmer Detained After Firing Gun Drunkenly

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Farmer Detained After Firing Gun Drunkenly

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Prey Veng, Cambodia News: A 45-year-old farmer, Yen Eang, was detained after he menaced people by firing off a gunshot when he was drunk, on April 17, in Beng Trobek village, Baphnom district, Prey Veng.
When a local man fired his gun to scare people while he was completely drunk, the people at the scene became alarmed and alerted the police. The police officers went to the scene to detain the suspect in the interests of public safety, and they confiscated his weapon and kept him at the police station until it was safe to release him. He will be charged with the illegal use of a firearm.
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Re: Farmer Detained After Firing Gun Drunkenly

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I'll take "Weapons That Look Like They Can't Possibly Work" for 500, Alex.
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Re: Farmer Detained After Firing Gun Drunkenly

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For a farmer with presumably little knowledge of guns or gunsmithing, that’s a pretty good job. Has a trigger, trigger guard, hammer, grips and even a front sight. Look like it shoots .45 Long Colt. Not sure how he loads it. Maybe has a hidden barrel break or does he just muzzle load it?

All a gun needs to work is a barrel with a sealed end to hold the round, and a pin to ignite the primer. Think zip guns. A metal pipe with a sealed up end that had a small rod with a metal spring wrapped around it. Pull the rod and let it go to ignite the primer.

Everything else is to make the gun easier to use, more accurate, more safe, and more durable.
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