Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

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King Keil
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by King Keil »

Why do you quote me and where did I say that banks are putting fake money into Atms?
The question some people raise is if every step in inserting the money into the ATM is 100% safe and no employee has the chance of replacing real money with this money that is used for buddhist rituals.
Pretty simple
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by Mr.November »

I hear there are fake money abound in Cambodia. But $100 bills are EXTREMELY scrutinized by everyone and only an idiot would accept a fake one. The bigger problem are fake $20s and $50 which can be given to you as a change. Bank will not spit out fake notes - if it does, stand your place at the ATM, show the note clearly to the camera and call the number listed on the ATM (if night) or walk into the branch (if day). This never happened to me but if if does it is easy to solve.

Another issue is when you are drunk and give $100 to someone in exchange for goods or service and they give you back change (or return “your” bill saying cannot find change). If you are drunk, always ensure in advance you carry $10s and $20s with you so you dont fall a victim.

Now if you do find yourself scammed and find you were given a fake $10 or $20, police will not help you so forget reporting. The easiest way, as someone mentioned, is to go buy a meal in a busy restaurant and pay with it to get rid of the dodgy note. Or when buying something more expensive put your note inside others.

Note however, using fake money carries many years in jail so it’s your call. Personally I would report any fake $100 or $50 (even if it takes all day and involves me paying for police talking to me) but I would just get rid of smaller notes if I know it’s safe.
ego bibere nimis
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by ego bibere nimis »

I would suggest that there are a bunch of "down and outers" who try passing fake notes in pubs and bars. When they get caught - easy to blame the ATM machine rather than look like the scum that they actually are. I have pulled 10's of thousands out over the years here and never had a problem. It's an urban myth perpetuated by scum bags.
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by explorer »

Here is a story of a Cambodian being scammed with a fake $20.


http://www.khnews360.online/%e1%9e%82%e ... %e1%9f%8b/
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by xandreu »

Don't forget that the national currency of Cambodia is Riel. Available at all ATM's, accepted everywhere, is available in much higher denominations than the 100's or 500's you use for change, and as far as I'm aware, has never had major issues of counterfeiting.
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Anchor Moy
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by Anchor Moy »

I'm still waiting for one single proven case of fake $100 coming directly from ATM in an ABA bank. Up to now, all the stories I've seen involve either scammers, people who try to scam the bank, or victims who get their money "switched" outside the bank - in guesthouses or massage parlours etc.

Seriously, does anyone have any proof that bank ATMs are issuing false money, apart from gossip and rumour on social media ? :popcorn:
Give me proof, give me truth. This resembles an urban myth IMO.
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by Splashback »

No chance of fake bills today as all ABA ATMs out this morning. I'm told maybe all day. Cash available from inside bank only. Wouldn't have hurt them to give a bit of notice via the app at least.
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by thePeck »

timmydownawell wrote: Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:07 pm
epidemiks wrote: Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:32 pm ABA ATM's have a new confirmation screen before the cash comes out advising to check your bills and inform them immediately if any notes have issues.

I wonder if that's because some ghost notes have slipped through, or if they're just being proactive and covering their arse from people claiming to have recieved ghost money days after they withdrew the cash.
I'm not so keen on standing at the ATM showing off how many $100 notes I just withdrew, though.

(admittedly in my case it's not usually many lol)
Just stuff them down your underwear like me, at least if someone takes them you at least get a thrill in the process! Maybe a tug even :D

Honestly most thieves aren't armed, gun or knife, it's usually a grab and go. So unless you're a woman carrying a bag it's unlikely you'll be targeted. Don't put it in your back pocket or a wallet in your back pocket or a shirt pocket. Use your front pocket and even more try to slip it in the small watch pocket.

But I do, but I only withdraw money during the day, harder to look inside at some places. Plus I'm usually mindful of my surroundings and who's nearby. That's why I typically always use the ones in front of the post office, but I also have a car so I'm not walking far from the ATM.

As for me I've never received a fake bill from the ATM or anywhere else for that matter. I've heard of it and even from my expat brother in law. But personally no.
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by CEOCambodiaNews »

This was posted on social media today.
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Re: Fake $100 bills from ATM. Urban myth or reality.

Post by fax »

CEO News you should censor the name before the mods ban you. I can't believe you would spread fake news like that. It smells like BSCW!
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