Yamaha SRV 250s for sale!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yamaha SRV 250s for sale!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Basics:
1996 Yamaha SRV 250S
Four stroke, V twin, SOHC
248 cc
2x Mikuni BDS26 carburetors
Engine refurbished.
$2,100 - price is firm. Serious buyers only.

The details:
The Yamaha SRV250 was a "Retro Theme" bike created by Yamaha in 1992 to 1996 to pay homage to the retro Cafe Racers and retro bikes in general of the 1960s and 1970s. The Yamaha SR250 was already on sale but lacked power and finesse and looked a little ordinary and commuter-esque.... If that is even a word!

Yamaha decided instead of using the Single Cylinder 250 or 500cc from the SR500, they chose to put in a 250cc V-Twin (Thats V2 for you non biker folk) from their current XV250 Virago Cruiser (Baby Harley Davidson rip off) into it and hoped for the best...The power and torque from the Virago engine still wasn't what they were aiming for so Yamaha modified and beefed up the engine with a slightly different camshaft profile and decided to make it Dual Carb instead of Single Carb that the XV250, SR250 and SR500 had... Given the lighter weight of the SRV250 compared to the other 3 bikes and more power you can imagine that this bike is alot quicker....and I kid you not...it is... This thing is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Whilst not a Superbike by any means, it is deceptively quick. I urge you to test ride one, one day and notice the power band on the thing..If you have ridden the XV250, SR250 and SR500 you'll notice the difference in torque straight away. It is pretty much on par with the SR500 if not faster. However it is not all about the speed. Lets see what else there is.....

There is the stretched fuel tank designed to replicate the Cafe Racers of the 1960s, definately sets the tone of the bike. From here we can see a Norton Featherbed style frame. Add to that skinny 19 inch wheels and you have a bike that can easily pass as an oldschool vintage bike, only more refined and alot quicker than bikes double the capacity back in the day.ImageImageImage
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