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Re: Money Transfer Question

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pczz wrote: Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:28 am You are only asking them to do a wire transfer. if you think about it most cambodians do not have bank accounts. You could try Western Union on corner of Monivong and 154, there is another on riverside but I think they are pricey. You will need your passport. I know ACLEDA, ABA and Canadia can do wire transfers and get them to send the money to a relative in GBP cos you will get a better rate her than in UK.
I do not think that just because ABA have banned you does not mean you cannot open an account at another bank. You could try Sathapanha or royal or any of them.
The issues you may have is money laundering checks at the UK end and ensuring your uk bank will accept money from Cambodia. If you call your bank first you can send documents to them for clearance before you send the money.I usually do not send more than 20k at a time as that seems to be a limit with my bank.
Its difficult to say without knowing how much you are trying to move. $5000 is easier than $500,000. You can take $10,000 in cash to most countries if you declare it on entry and can prove where it came from. To best of my knowledge at the moment barclays International and Lloyds international bot accept funds from Cambodia. You could go home, open an account in usd, come back and send it as a last resort.
Sorry in advance for the soft thread-jack but I'm having some money wired to myself from the states, and my brokerage account needs WU's "wire instructions," which apparently are location-specific. So the question is, does the WU office at Monivong and 154 provide honest, cost-effective service, or would you (or the rest of the forum) recommend a different office to minimize the risk of shenanigans or overcharges or both?
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