Evo's Struggle: Decolonisation - explaining the man and the matter (in brief)

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Evo's Struggle: Decolonisation - explaining the man and the matter (in brief)

Post by britscienceteacher » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:59 pm

Evo Morales (president of Bolivia) stands for indigenous people everywhere. He recognises that colonisation and globalisation are highly linked in the present day. He sees globalisation as a source of exploitation by an 'untouchable' elite that are trying to add yet another layer of pseudo-legitimacy onto 'alegal' (more about that in just a minute) actions on a grand scale. This formula brings people and countries to their knees, through colonisation in one form or another.

So what is (simple-strightforward) colonisation in the first place?

Direct colonisation involves repression of people by banning their heritage and ethnic practices, which may include language, religious worship, ideology and lifestyle. The object is to Romanize the population - assimilate them into the dominant, monolithic culture. In the crudest cases violence and fear are used, with genocide being the ultimate method of 'cleansing' the uncooperative.


But colonisation also has more sophisticated forms. Indirect colonisation usually involves corruption and debt to an international, alegal organisation (this means they have published alegal documents stating that the law of no country applies to them when they break the law or create a humanitarian crisis - I'm not joking - such organisations not only exist, but they are overbearingly powerful and represent a global elite).

John Pilger describes the Neo-Cols

John Pilger describes the ballooning national debt (and the debt conditions imposed by these alegal organisations with their alegal deals) with subsequent gutting of industrial sectors, resource-rapine, slashing of public expenditure, child mortality explosion, privatisation and growth industries of drug dealing and prostitution, as a form of war (and quotes higher body counts).

Quoting Piliger "the world's oldest Human Rights organisation, the Anti-Slavery Society has declared debt a contemporary form of slavery." It is well known (and if you don't know watch a few documentaries and you soon will) that prostitutes are often told that they owe money because they were 'sold' and they haven't 'worked off the debt'. A continuous debt trap means colonisation and slavery. The politicians who sign such deals become extremely rich. International Vice Cities result (Grand Theft Auto-style - gosh).

Evo refused the money. Instead he leading Bolivia towards a more equal society through democratic representation.
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