Can anyone recommend a good massage place in PP?

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Can anyone recommend a good massage place in PP?

Post by mudmax » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:55 am

Hi everyone,

I will in phnom penh soon and am looking for a good massage place. I would prefer a place that mostly serves locals and at a low cost. Please let me know if you have any suggestions :)

I am not very inclined to go to a massage place on the riverside area that caters to tourists. Last time I got a massage around the riverside area it was super weird. I kept getting called while walking on the street by like 3 or 4 khmer girls who were sitting in the lobby of a sketchy looking massage place. The sign said $5 so I was like fuck it why not. I foolishly did not ask how long the massage would be but I wrongly assumed probably an hour. I was lead into a room with a girl and she just stared at me while I took off my clothes, I was too shy to take off my underwear right there lol. Should I have just taken them off with her watching? In the corner I saw a waste basket full of used tissues... hmmmmm. I put my bag and clothes on the ground next to the bed near my head. She tries to move everything behind me to a shelf like thing but I remember a thread I saw about people getting money stolen from their bag while getting a massage so I was like nahhh I'll just keep the stuff here. I do and she says something in Khmer to the other girls outside the room. She massages me for like 10 minutes with some oil. Then she's done and I'm thinking damn that was short...I give her 5 dollars then leave. Sorry if this is a long read but I'd be curious to see what some expats living in PP who have been to spots like this think of my experience.

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Re: Can anyone recommend a good massage place in PP?

Post by xxxxxxx » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:21 am

Probably the most asked question in all Cambodia forums, maybe behind "Where to get the best English breakfast?/pizza/burger/etc." and "Where to find a good gym in PP?".

You could use the search function, although 85% of the results are about police raids, murders, and money thefts at massage shops. Here's a couple links that aren't:

cambodia-after-dark/best-normal-cheap-m ... it=massage

cambodia-after-dark/massage-parlours-t1 ... it=massage
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