Last Plane Out of Cambodia.

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Re: Last Plane Out of Cambodia.

Post by k*rm*geddon » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:48 pm

Pochentong airport fell on April 12.
So a DC-3 setting off for a 'rice run' to Phnom Penh on the 17th is weird.

Re. this part:
... The attackers regularly shot at planes, and as a result most aircraft were adorned with flattened beer cans that had been pop-riveted onto their fuselages for emergency repairs. My narrowest escape occurred when a .50-caliber round went through the wing and fuselage but missed the fuel selector valve by just an inch.
I mentioned in a kindle about being on a plane hit by ground fire in May 1974 almost immediately after take off from Pochentong, and I'm curious as to if it was the flight he references. Apparently the OP was an extract from a book by Hansen which doesn.t appear to be out yet.

After Phnom Penh came under final siege from Jan.1 1975, incoming planes stayed as high as they could before plunging into almost a Stuka dive on the airport. I had two such arrivals, and they were seat-clenching stuff.
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