Tourist shocked to see Nazi items on sale in Thailand

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Tourist shocked to see Nazi items on sale in Thailand

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French tourist shocked by Nazi gear in Pattaya

PATTAYA: A French tourist was surprised to see the Nazi flag and other souvenirs with the image of Adolf Hitler openly on sale to visitors to the resort city.

Alexandre Jandaeng, 34, took the pictures of the items by his mobile phone and asked a tourist police officer on duty on Saturday about their legality, as all Nazi symbols are banned in his country.

The policeman explained to him that Thai laws did not ban the swastika and other Nazi paraphernalia. But any counterfeit item was subject to legal action, he added.

Some European countries, including France and Germany ban any display of the swastika. The symbol was used by Hitler when he led Germany to ignite World War II and kill millions during the Holocaust. ... bottom_box
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Re: Tourist shocked to see Nazi items on sale in Thailand

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Slow news day; Thais sporting Swastikas and Hitler T-shirts have been around for ages.
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Re: Tourist shocked to see Nazi items on sale in Thailand

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Associated signs saying: only fashion, Thai land freedom, I need money

Says it all..if there's a buck to be made..

This on the back of them making underwear with Angkor Wat logo..and they complain about foreigners being disrespectful to the king etc
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