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Prescription Drugs Availability in Thai

Thailand is Cambodia's neighbor to the West, and this forum is dedicated to Thai news, stories, reviews, blogs, videos, Thai people and anything else related to the country. A lot of expats have both lived and worked in Cambodia and Thailand, and this area is a place to discuss all aspects of life in Thailand and what's going on there. Most topics are about Bangkok and Pattaya because of their larger populations of expatriates and tourists in those cities, but this is for all things Thai.
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Prescription Drugs Availability in Thai

Post by tireswang » Wed May 16, 2018 1:28 pm

Can ya get codeine and valium in The Land of Smiles :hattip: .... without a Doctors script?
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Re: Prescription Drugs Availability in Thai

Post by jimmy.daniel » Fri May 18, 2018 4:51 pm

Whelp, I recon no one knows or cares to share the info. We all know we can get them here w o a script. I have went through the "motions" obtaining a script for both, but the Doctors here are reluctant to write a month's supply at one time. Don't won't no troubles with any s.e.a. immigration officials over a such minor thing.
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Re: Prescription Drugs Availability in Thai

Post by RogueAnt » Fri May 18, 2018 5:05 pm

Definitely no codeine but I don't know about Valium.
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