Revival of traditional Cambodian handweaving

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Revival of traditional Cambodian handweaving

Post by CEOCambodiaNews » Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:50 pm

The consumer quest for more ethical products has revived the market for Cambodian handweaving, a dying art that had been thrust aside by cheap factory-made synthetic garments and accessories. It is hoped that increasing interest in natural quality products will create an outlet for traditionally woven fabrics used by Cambodian enterprises such as the Goel Community.

March 26, 2018 | Cambodia
The ethical clothing brand weaving its magic in Cambodia
A charming surprise lies amidst the trendy cafés and craft cocktail bars that now populate Phnom Penh’s Russian Market neighbourhood. The fairtrade fashion enterprise Goel Community fits right into this burgeoning creative hub by donning its handmade, homegrown, all-natural badge with pride. Scarves, dresses, wallets, blankets and bags made from naturally dyed fabric line the walls in subtle yellows, greys, browns and reds – and even the tables and coat hangers are locally sourced and handmade. Goel’s style is quaint, cosy and steadfastly Cambodian.

The brand’s goal is to rejuvenate the largely lost craft of Cambodian handweaving, a heritage that reaches back to the days of the Angkor Empire.
With cheap, factory-made clothing leaving handwoven clothes comparatively expensive, the practice has become economically unsustainable, according to Goel’s Korean founder Han Jungmin. He explains how after arriving in Cambodia 15 years ago he discovered that in Takeo province, which is home to most of the country’s remaining traditional weavers, “12,700 looms were still operating”. Now, though, he estimates that number could be as low as 1,000.
Back in 2003, Han says, only two or three families were able to make a reasonable living out of the craft, with most weaving families earning just $40-45 a month. Now, those families working with Goel can make up to $100-150 a month, with Han hoping that more business will result in higher earnings for the weavers... ... -cambodia/
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