great motobike driver in phnom penh

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great motobike driver in phnom penh

Post by whereami » Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:56 pm

If your looking for a regular motobike driver in phnom penh , you should consider ' ly '..... I am leaving soon and ly has worked for me for 2 months . ALWAYS ON TIME NEVER LATE !! Hes perfect when you have multiple errands through out the day and you can line up future appointments during the week or call him whenever , ect . Hes super consistant........1 ) tunes up and inspects his bike every morning 2) dont drink , drugs , gamble , ect . Works 7 days a week , 14 hours a day . Hes age 35 with wife and 3 kids and supporting his family is his number one priority 3) always has second helmet and raincoat 4) no talking on phone while driving ( common in cambodia) 5) takes his job very seriously and is a very good and safe driver . He gets lotta respect from his fellow locals , Tuctuc drivers , beggars , ect , and they tend to tone it down a notch when hes with you . Hes very honest and he will get you local prices if shopping at market , ect .......His english is pretty rough . He learned what he knows from 10 year old textbook and radio . Once he gets familiar with you it gets much easier and not a problem after time . He practices dailly to improve .......He made my stay in phnom penh so much easier not having to deal with dailly tuctucs and everything that goes with it.......Send me a message if interested and ill send his number . You wont be disappointed
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