sihanoukville - china bans investment in casinos

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Re: sihanoukville - china bans investment in casinos

Post by AndyKK »

Che wrote: Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:36 pm
bangkokhooker wrote: Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:54 pm Who knows, not us long noses!
I was told years ago to buy land in SHV but I just said that it was overpriced and was not going up. The same piece of land my mate showed me in 2013 was up for $16000 (near the big market , 10 x 20 I think) is now up for $150,000!

Hindsight and all that.
Same guy is now telling me Kampot is the place to buy, he said Kep is overpriced and always has been.

What to do...
Yup Kampot sounds a safe bet
With hindsight I would have thought the Khmers would have seen the progress of land development of investors in the area long ago.
They would have the prime land at the right location.
Always "hope" but never "expect".
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Re: sihanoukville - china bans investment in casinos

Post by vladimir »

The bottom is not going to fall out from normal causes.

Cambodian real estate economics do not follow western rules or patterns.

Firstly, many Chinese/ Khmer investors don't buy land/properties for immediate return or even for gain, but as an insurance policy if their other income fails.

They don't care if it sits unoccupied or undeveloped for 10 years, and they won't lower the rent if the market is slow.

In many instances the cash to buy it came easy, so no big deal.

The only way we may see prices fall is if there is a global event.
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Re: sihanoukville - china bans investment in casinos

Post by frank lee bent »

it is a ghost city now.
those buildings just house online casinos with walk ins and buses as a front, they are wholly concerned with expatriation of money from the mainland through fraudulent means. it is money laundering pure and simple

do any of you watch khmer tv in the morning to see the scale of this?
then chinese authorities finger their nationals- so do the taiwanese and phils
then they revoke their passports
you are missing the point that these casino workers are legal here
it is their home govs who project jusrisdiction by revoking their passports !!!!
thus they are illegal despite having visas and wp.

there was some slight mention of this in the china people's congress last week where they got a new mao.
centrally planned economies seem to be the future

are you all asleep down there to not see what is happening in front of you?
didn;t you notice not traffic in and out of those casino doors?
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