entry-level agriculture developer/ research assistant

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entry-level agriculture developer/ research assistant

Post by plantsandstuff »

Project Alba, an agricultural social enterprise, is looking for an agricultural developer to help troubleshoot and help local farmers improve vegetable production.

-International experience is a must (being an expat counts).
-must be comfortable in the provinces.
-must be willing to be located in the provinces 3+ days a week (you can maintain a home-base in PP)
-have experience with farming, gardening, conservation, or sustainable agriculture (WWOOFing and other similar experiences count)
-Some subjects covered in this position: composting, pest management, improving planting practices, etc.
-Ideal candidate has a bachelor's degree.

Send me a message if you would like more details or have any leads. Thanks!
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Re: entry-level agriculture developer/ research assistant

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I would suggest you contact this small agriculture training centre if you are willing to employ a Cambodian:
Otherwise, contact me by PM, I have 3 candidates that may suit your needs.
All of them would want circa $1200/month or more pro rata to your hourly requirements.
If you are ever interested in honey production, I can help, but only if you are well resourced and long term.
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