The Unspoken Rules of Public Transport

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The Unspoken Rules of Public Transport

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A light-hearted look at public transport etiquette around the world.

'Always give up your seat for a monk': the unspoken rules of public transport
Our readers share the dos and don’ts of their regular commute – from rush-hour gymnastics to gossiping with the driver.

Navigating public transport is daunting and often frustrating, but what happens when you hop on the metro in another city? How close is too close to stand next to your fellow passenger? And are you supposed to talk to the driver?

In an effort to understand global public transport etiquette we asked our readers to share the unspoken rules of their daily city commute. Amid the horror stories of vomiting in tupperware and unwittingly overhearing phone sex, here are some tips unlikely to ever be advertised publicly... ... t-networks
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